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Tiny Homes

As times change, tiny homes are becoming a popular way of building a property. Offering so many benefits, there is even a ‘Tiny Home Movement’ that advocates for downsizing our living spaces to simplify life and be more environmentally friendly. Ideal for so many purposes, whether you are looking for a kind of ‘granny annex’, or are working with what you have, our Tiny homes service offers you an unbeatable experience and result! With an excellent standard custom design service that brings your vision to life, plus top-rate installation and repair services, we are the company to ensure your new home is exactly the way you want it and will last for decades to come too!

What is a Tiny Home? 

A Tiny Home is defined generally as a ‘dwelling unit with 37 square meters of maximum floor space, not including any loft area’. Ideal for being more environmentally friendly, smaller homes pose an interesting solution to our current housing crisis, enabling more people to be housed across smaller plots of land. Also considered a great way to return to a simpler lifestyle, many choose to live in a small house in order to appreciate life’s simplicity. Already highly used by many as a low-cost alternative to building a full-size property, a Tiny home may just be the answer for you!

Your very own design…

As your local experts in shed building and design, we offer you the unique opportunity to work closely with an extensively experienced designer, so that your Tiny home can be just the way you want it. We have a whole range of options available for you to choose from including size, shape, style, materials, and finish. These choices are suitable for any budget. Our expert will support you to make the best choices for you, offering creative solutions to make the most of your space. From funky storage options to natural wood materials, composite materials, and varying levels, you name it, our team will support you to make the best decision for you! Get in touch today to find out more about this exciting process!

Installation and Repairs

Once you are completely satisfied with your design, our exceptional building team can begin work. They pay meticulous attention to detail, carefully constructing your new property to ensure longevity, durability, and a stunning aesthetic. They use only the highest quality materials, equipment, and methods to achieve a home that will last you for many decades to come. With vast experience, you can rely on us to do the best for your site! We are also available to perform repairs if they are required. Simply contact us and we will be happy to help.

Why Helena Custom Storage Sheds?

With years of experience in this field, we offer you the opportunity to work with a team that you can completely rely on, working together to create your custom, dream design. Throughout this process we will support you fully, helping you to make decisions that you will love for decades to come!