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Livestock Animal Shelters

Helena Custom Storage Sheds is the number one provider of livestock shelters in Helena, MT. We are able to provide all kinds, shapes, sizes, and aesthetics of animal shelters, our range of services proves to be ideal for the residents of our surrounding areas. We work with only the highest quality materials, methods, and equipment to achieve the best finish possible for your property. A shelter made by us promises longevity, durability, and absolute safety for all animals! Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you to create your ideal animal shelter.

Custom Design Service 

As your local expert, we offer a custom design service that ensures your new animal shelter is exactly the way you need it to be. Able to provide all kinds of shelters, our range is suitable for all animals both big and small. Our expert will listen carefully to your requirement, to ensure that the design will provide the utmost safety, security, and protection for your animals. With extensive experience housing pigs, goats, and sheep we are well known for our incredibly ideal larger animal shelters. We also work often creating provisions for smaller animals including (and not limited to!) excellent standards of chicken coop, and runs for guinea pigs, rabbits, plus much more.

Installation and Repairs

Once your animal shelter has been designed, our top-rate installation team takes over. They work with meticulous attention to detail, constructing your new animal shelter to ensure longevity, durability, protection, and security. We use only the highest standard materials, methods, and equipment, so you can be assured of only the best for your property. The team is extensively experienced so work efficiently and effectively to create your ideal shelter. Alternatively, if you already have an animal coop, you may require a repair. If this is the case, please feel welcome to get in touch and we will be happy to help!

Additional features 

We have a whole range of additional features for you to choose from to create your perfect animal shelter. Offering weatherproof additions, plus a whole range of different materials, styles, added panels, and extensions, your animals can have whatever you want for them. Throughout your custom design process, you will work closely with your designer to build the ideal livestock animal shelter for your property. This can be designed to suit your every want, need, and budgetary requirement.

Why us?

With vast experience in this field, we are the people that you can rely on to achieve the best for your animals and your property. Known for our top-quality work, you can be assured by the history of our company, providing excellent quality animal shelters for so many across the area. We are passionate about bringing this essential work to everyone that wants it, so offer a range of services to suit all requirements, preferences, and budgets. For the best animal shelters around, created specifically to suit you, get in touch today!