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Garden Sheds

A garden shed is essential in most households. Ideal to store all kinds of items, a new shed will keep your property looking sleek and tidy, whilst helping you to be organized. As your local expert in all things sheds, we are the number one provider of garden sheds and utility sheds in the local area. With years of experience, we offer a service that you can rely on to do the best for your property! We will work closely with you to create a custom design that functions exactly how you need it to, including practicalities and aesthetics to rejuvenate your home to your favorite place to be!


A garden shed is an ideal feature to add to your home. Essential for storing all kinds of items, our expert team of designers and builders will create your perfect utility shed, where you can store everything that you need to and /or take part in activities you want to. With our custom service on hand to create your ideal space, help yourself to keep your home tidy and organized, as well as the items secure and protected from the hazards of the weather. With a whole range of sheds available, we have something for everyone; from small scale, simple structures, to more complex, larger sheds, get in touch today to find out how we can help you get the best for your property!

Styles and Material Choices

As your local experts, we can cater to all the needs of our local communities. We have a broad catalog of options for you to choose from to ensure your shed will be just the way you want it to be. From high-quality natural woods to top-rate composite material, all kinds of color paints to varnishes and stains, and the smallest storage unit to a large-scale structure, whatever you require, we can provide! For the best shed builders around, you have come to the right place!

Custom Service 

We offer a unique service here at Helena Custom Storage Sheds that ensures you get exactly what you need from your new shed. Our expert team will work closely with you to create a custom design that is ideal for your needs and wants. Using only the highest quality materials, equipment, and methods, you can be assured that every choice you make will create a long-lasting, durable shed that will look great. With a tailored service to suit your exact requirements, our team will create your ideal garden shed, perfectly suited to your storage needs.

Why us?

As the premier provider of garden sheds in Helena, MT, we are incredibly proud of our reputation as a reliable and high-quality service provider. With years of experience, our team is guaranteed to do the best job for your property, achieving a solid and slick installation that will not only look great but will be durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. For a garden shed that you can rely on, get in touch today!