Helena Custom Storage Sheds

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A custom garage opens up all kinds of opportunities for you. Allowing you to tailor your new space exactly to your needs, wants, and tastes, we are the people that you can rely on to bring your perfect garage to reality. With top-rate installation services and excellent repair services, we are here to ensure your property runs smoothly; just as you need it to. For the best garage design and building services in Helena, Montana, you have come to the right place! Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you create your ideal garage space.

Custom Design Service 

Here at Helena Custom Storage Sheds, we offer you the unique opportunity to work one-to-one with an expert garage designer. With years of experience and extensive training, our team of designers is unrivaled across the area. Available to work closely with you, our garage building services always include a custom design element. This is to ensure your new garage is exactly the way you need it to be! Our designer will support you to make all decisions including shape, size, style, material, and finish. They will provide advice and recommendations where useful and will work hard to ensure we create your ideal garage space!

Types of Garages

Throughout your custom design service, you will have the opportunity to select the best type and style of a garage for your needs and wants. As your local experts, we can provide all kinds of garages with excellent quality design, building, and repair works. From attached or detached, to all variations of door types, and the number of vehicles to be stored, you name it and we can help! Our expert designers will listen carefully to exactly what you are after before supporting you through this decision so that your new garage will be exactly what you need it to be.


As the local premier experts in storage solutions, specifically garages, all materials that we work with are of the highest quality. Offering you the opportunity to choose from a broad catalog of options, you are sure to find the perfect option for you. Able to achieve not only different aesthetics but also catering to different specific requirements and budgets, our range of materials ensures your new garage provides exactly what you need from it. We are able to work with both natural materials, and composite materials, and offer you the opportunity to benefit from our many years of experience, achieving a durable and long-lasting investment for your garage!

Installation and Repairs

Alongside our excellent custom design service, we also provide the best standard of installations and repair services in the area. We achieve top-quality works every time, so, no matter your existing situation, we are the team that you can rely on to do the best for your property. Working with only the highest quality materials, methods, equipment, and products, our services guarantee long-lasting results that can withstand all types of weather plus other stresses and will look great too.